The Spiritual Meanings Of Black Cats

Cats and dogs have been fighting for the coverted spot of most popular domestic pets for years. And both have their huge loyal following of owners.

While many homeowners prefer dogs because they find them easier to care for, cat lovers would undoubtedly beg to differ.

Cats are very much able to care for themselves. Just walk along in a neighborhood and the odds that that there would be more stray cats than dogs. Because felines are more adaptable and are able to take care of themselves under these challenging environments.

And when along that walk about, you come across a black cat, does it mean anything? What if the black cat follows you home? Or maybe you have a black cat of your own. Does it mean anything spiritually?


The most popular superstition concerning black cats is the old saying that bad luck would befall those whose path have been crossed by one.

The ancient Chinese has a belief that should a black cat jump over a coffin, the deceased would rise as an undead and haunt the village. This fear led to cats of any color being chased away when they get near the proximity of a funeral.

In Greek legend, it was said that Hera, who was Zeus’ wife, punished a servant she was unhappy with by magically turning her into a black cat. This servant later became an able helper for a Goddess who was an expert on witchcraft. This is why black cats are often cast in Hollywood movies to accompany witches. And for those who are spiritual, the meaning of seeing a black cat can imply that witches are around.

This story slowly evolved over time. And later it was believed that evil witches were able to change their physical forms. And one of those forms was of a black cat.

On on the topic of witches, the liver of a black cat was supposed one of the key ingredients to making a highly potent love potion.

Then there’s the good superstition.

In some parts of western Europe during ancient times, the presence of a black cat at a wedding was believed to be a blessing to the marriage.

In China, a cat in general which can be of any color, entering a house means that the household would be rid of bad luck.

During ancient times when the main form of long distance travel was by ship, the crew would bring cats on board, with at least one of the furry creatures being black. This was to manage the problem of rats and also to bring good luck for the voyage. It was also believed that it was this practice which led to the infamous cat island of Japan as cat alighted on the island but chose not to take the return trip.

Japan has a lot of affection for cats.

In India, black cats are believed to be harbingers of wealth luck. So they are usually welcomed by homeowners.

In Egypt, black cats are considered sacred.

Dreams and spirituality

When you dream of black cats, it conveys the message of hesitation.

This means that if you have reached a crossroad in life for example, your dream is basically showing what state you are at at the sub-conscious level.

If this is a black kitten, it implies that you are not ready to make a decision.

If you have already made a decision, then if the animal moves left, it conveys a high probability of success. And failure in the other direction.

If it jumps straight up, it means an affirmation to your life choices.

If someone was holding the cat, it means that your adversaries are planning dirty tricks.

While dreaming of black cats generally have negative connotations as observed above, these cute furry animals are generally positive when encountered in the real world when it comes to spirituality.

They are generally viewed as a force that removes bad luck. It can also means that you have attained a higher level of awareness in terms of spirituality.

For someone who is stricken with a medical condition, the appearance of a black cat is a sign of companionship. It does not mean healing, but it will play the role camaraderie on the road to recovery.

Take note that only chance encounters would be counted as such.

So having a black cat as a pet will not mean that you would transcend anytime soon.