5 Ways To Alleviate The Stress Of Spiritual Hypersensitivity

While the gift of heightened spiritual senses is something that should be embraced, it comes with some drawbacks as well.

One of the most challenging aspects of highly spiritual people such as psychic and empaths is hypersensitivity.

This high level of sensitivity is what gives them the ability to sense things that most people can’t. But it can also be a distraught ability that drives themselves crazy.

Surely you have come across some scenes in movies and drama series when the protagonist hold their heads and clamp their ears as if having a major headache.

A spiritual condition is best alleviated with spiritual tools. Here are some of the best ways to cope with spiritual hypersensitivity.

1) Sea salt bath

Salt is one of the most effective natural energy cleansers that can rid off or neutralize negative energy.

The most common natural salt used in energy tweaking is sea salt and Himalayan salt.

Prepare you bathtub, add your natural salt. Add a little of your favorite essential oil if you want.

2) Crystals and gemstones

Certain types of crystals are very good with neutralizing, absorbing or dispersing negative energy.

Carrying them around with you, maybe via accessories like bracelets or necklaces can go a long way in keeping you balanced when you are out and about.

There nothing stopping you from just putting them in your pockets too.

Some of the most popular crystals used for this purpose include amethyst, bloodstone, calcite, malachite, obsidian, quartz, sapphire, tiger’s eye, etc.

If you are in doubt as to which one to get, an expert at the store would probably be able to advise accordingly.

Remember to cleanse them before wearing them.

3) Chakra balancing

One would be suffering from the adverse effects of hypersensitivity because of energy imbalance from within.

So it makes perfect sense to balance it off by focusing on the chakras.

Common chakra balancing techniques include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork

When just starting with these activities, it’s normal to find that they don’t really do much to your condition.

But when you stick to it, and slowly learn to apply the techniques correctly, you’d realize how powerful they are.

It’s no coincidence that the 3 methods listed above have a huge following all over the world.

4) Get in touch with nature

Connection with the natural world should enable you to release some of that pent-up energy building within your aura.

Just like electricity is discharged when a battery is connected.

With the way we live today, we hardly get in real physical touch with nature at all.

When was the last time any part of your body touched anything of nature.

What you want to specifically feel is the ground. Which is why this is sometimes called grounding.

Go walk barefoot at the beach or garden. Go hiking and let the beauty of natural landscapes awe you. Get to a mountain peak and breath in the air that has not been tampered by industrialization.

These are some of the best ways to release and recharge.

5) Feng shui

Your living environment plays a critical role in how you are influenced by the forces present around us.

When you are constantly being bombarded with negative energy at home, it wouldn’t be surprising if you are adversely affected by your hypersensitivity and starts to accumulate negativity.

Identify the personal space where you spend the most of your time and determine if there is anything wrong with it from a feng shui perspective.

The focal point is to remove negativity. Only then should you start think about harnessing positivity.