Interpreting The Meaning Of Smoke Patterns With Capnomancy

There is just something about the allure and mystery of smoke patterns that captivates many.

It captures the imagination so much that seductive smoke pattern effects are often used in introduction videos and commercials.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that in many mythical movies, a spellcaster such as a wizard or witch often throws magic dust into a burning cauldron, and smoke-like energy forces start to take form to show the answers to the questions asked.

And if you are closely watching the smoke from a fire for a minute, it’s not unusual to ponder for a moment and think “Did I just see that?”

The Babylonians were just as enchanted by smoke as we are today. And they are credited with various forms of smoke divination techniques that responds to an asker’s questions with the smoke patterns that form.

There is actually a variety of smoke divination methods including, causimomancy, libanomancy, capnomancy, etc.

But the way of reading them is mostly the same. The differences that tell them apart are the fire source and the nature of answers being seek.

Causimomancy for example is conducted with the burning of tree branches and leaves. Libanomancy involves observing the smoke emitting from smoldering incense. And capnomancy is specifically pointing to the burning of cedar wood.

It was said during ancient times that when practicing smoke divination, one should be facing east. But in modern times, when we put it into context, the east facing was probably addressed because capnomancy was done at spiritual venues at specific elevated spaces so that the rising sun can be observed at particular moments of hours of the day or year.

So unless you are using a spiritual venue, specifically facing east is not going to make a big difference.

But if you are administering smoke divination in a room, it would make absolute sense to be facing the window. However, also note that if it is not a somewhat enclosed space, the patterns emerging from smoke is going to be heavily dependent on the wind direction rather from divine manipulation.

The most divine application of smoke divination is actually observing smoke by chance.

For example, you are at a critical juncture at the workplace where your next big move will determine whether you get that promotion or get stuck at manager level for another 2 years. You happen to be at a posh cafe for dinner with lit candles being part of the interior design. Your question pops in mind and you observe the smoke. The answer will be there.

Doing capnomancy with intent can result in a less divine answer, but it will still enlighten you nevertheless.

For instance if you have never been one to burn aromatic incense at home, buying them specially for divination is not going to be as genuine as you already being an incense lover with packets of it in lavendar at home.

Saying that, remember that lesser does not mean none.

Methodology of practice

Prepare your burn item such as incense sticks and cones, holder, decide on a space to do it, seat on the floor so that your first chakra is in contact with the ground.

State your name, where you are from, and where you live. State that you are asking for divine help in the questions you ask.

Light the incense and put it into position.

Close your eyes and ask your question.

When you are ready open your eyes and observe the smoke.

Meaning of smoke patterns

It should go without saying that the potency of this divination technique is higher with closed questions.

You can’t really expect smoke to give you a one-paragraph answer with impeccable grammer.

The first intuitive observation and interpretation is where the magic is at.

If the smoke goes left, it means that you don’t have clarity of mind. You need to attempt the process again at another time.

If it goes right, it signals that you need to make a logical choice rather than a risky emotional one.

If it goes straight up in a line, then the answer is a resounding Yes.

If it breaks up into irregular segments, the answer is No.

If it drifts towards you, it signifies that you are on the right path.

If it drifts away from you in the opposite direction, it represents that success can only attained after overcoming various obstacles.

Remember that clarity of mind is key to getting this right.

For this reason, one might only be able to practice smoke divination effectively if he or she is adept at meditation.