9 Big Signs You Are A Spiritually Gifted Person

Have you ever come to a realization that you approach the world very differently than that people around you? Do you see a purpose in certain events that others label as coincidences? Do perceive various things around you as if messages are being sent to you?

Some people might call you crazy, some would insists that you think too much, some could say that you are pretending, and then there are those who feel that you are spiritual.

With all the disorder and constant battles we experience around us on a daily basis, whether it is at work, at home or online, more and more people have come to the realization that real peace comes from within.

That is one big reason why spirituality which has been a wacky subject for years have now become mainstream.

But while most people would have to pursue spirituality with clear intent to even start realizing that what others think don’t matter, those who are spiritually gifted have already internalized such mindsets from a young age. And many might not even recognize it as a superpower they have over others.

Some people are just born with a natural inclination towards spiritual characteristics. And even when one is not gifted with it, he or she can still have a talent for it.

And these personalities would theoretically have an easier time attaining higher levels of spirituality if they are able to hone these abilities.

So are you a spiritually gifted person? Here are some signs that you are indeed one.

1) You answer to yourself

You behave and act on things because you want to do it.

You don’t feel any obligation from anyone or anything.

You studied hard for the exams because you genuinely wanted to do well. Not just because your parents demands it.

You exercise because you truly want to be healthy. Not because you can show pictures of your abs on Instagram.

You attended a social event because you want to catch up with friends. Not because you are expected to turn up.

2) You don’t crave social approval

What people think of you really doesn’t concern you… unless it’s your boss at work and appraisal season is just around the corner.

You don’t wear designer labels just because your peers do so. You don’t “like” post from your friends because you don’t feel any pressure to. And you don’t buy insurance from someone just because he is a childhood friend.

You don’t boast about your achievements because you are content enough to have attained them. There’s no need to advertise your greatness.

This personality traits is actually a very challenging one to nurture these days with the proliferation of social media.

Remember that t’s perfectly fine to get engrossed in it. But if your motivation to use it is to obtain the approval of others, then you should really reevaluate how you use it.

3) You believe in a higher power

The term “higher power” is subjective as the definition varies depending on who you ask.

Some of the common and contentious descriptions of it today include:

  • God
  • The universe being a hive-like entity
  • Higher dimensional beings
  • Spiritual realms
  • etc

Whatever rolls with you, you believe that there is a higher power that makes our current status look like the stone-when compared.

4) You can “see” your emotions

One of the unique characteristics that make us human is the ability to feel emotions and have out behaviors directed by it.

Instead of getting mentally overrun by emotions such as anger, you are able to identify it as just a feeling and ignore it.

This is why highly spiritual people often don’t show a lot of emotions.

5) You accept that people are different individuals

The main reason why people can get frustrated, angry or stressed over the actions of others is because they expect others to behave in a way that mirrors themselves.

This expectation originates from the inability to accept that every person is different in how they think and feel.

When you acknowledge and accept this, detachment from being affected by the actions of others is a simple process.

6) You are compassionate

You genuinely care for the plight of others.

A lot of people do acts of kindness towards others, especially the less fortunate, because they are expected to do so or incentivized to do so in modern societies.

Real compassion is when you are authentic and do it because you truly care about the adverse situations some people suffer under. And you contribute what you can to help alleviate their adversity.

7) You are very intuitive

This refers to an ability to know.

For example, you just know that something good is going to arrive in the mail today. You know that you are going to run into a friend when you go out. You can tell immediately that a new member of a group has ill intentions.

Sometimes you choose not to go with the most obvious choices. And later turned out to be a very good decision.

8) You can interpret what dreams mean

It’s one thing to be able to remember the visions that appear in dreams.

Being able to interpret them is a whole new level.

A lot of the content in dreams is often attributed to the sub-conscious mind. So being able to decipher the messages being transmitted in dreams is a sign that the connection between the conscious and unconscious is solidified.

9) You’ve had psychic experiences

There is a wide spectrum of things that can be classified as psychic experiences.

But they can generally be described as events that involve any of the 5 senses that defies scientific rules that we know of today.

One of the biggest signs that you are spiritually gifted is when you have experienced them.

It shows that the ability is already present. You just need to learn how to control it.