9 Big Signs You Are A Spiritually Gifted Person

Have you ever come to a realization that you approach the world very differently than that people around you? Do you see a purpose in certain events that others label as coincidences? Do perceive various things around you as if messages are being sent to you?

Some people might call you crazy, some would insists that you think too much, some could say that you are pretending, and then there are those who feel that you are spiritual.

With all the disorder and constant battles we experience around us on a daily basis, whether it is at work, at home or online, more and more people have come to the realization that real peace comes from within. read more


9 Types Of Empaths And What They Are Capable Of

An empath describes someone who has a supersensitive ability to feel compassion and understanding of something else.

The word is basically derived from the word empathy which means an ability to put oneself into someone else’s shoes and feel what is being felt by the other person. Be it sadness, anger, elation or vengefulness, etc.

While empathy is usually a descriptive word in reference to the emotional or mental state of a person, the word empath can be used in reference to all categories of tangibles and intangibles. read more


How To Use Candle Reading To Seek Divinity With Lychnomancy

Fire has always been and elemental source that fascinates our minds.

There’s just something mysteriously alluring with the movement and flickering of flames that captures our attention. Yet it is linked to danger for obvious reasons.

Something so magical that should only be observed from a safe distance or you risk putting your safety at risk.

Go take part in a campfire and you’d soon be in awe of the beauty and natural destructive power of fire.

It’s no exaggeration to say that fire, or flames, is a mood-changer. read more


Interpreting The Meaning Of Smoke Patterns With Capnomancy

There is just something about the allure and mystery of smoke patterns that captivates many.

It captures the imagination so much that seductive smoke pattern effects are often used in introduction videos and commercials.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that in many mythical movies, a spellcaster such as a wizard or witch often throws magic dust into a burning cauldron, and smoke-like energy forces start to take form to show the answers to the questions asked.

And if you are closely watching the smoke from a fire for a minute, it’s not unusual to ponder for a moment and think “Did I just see that?” read more


The Spiritual Meanings Of Black Cats

Cats and dogs have been fighting for the coverted spot of most popular domestic pets for years. And both have their huge loyal following of owners.

While many homeowners prefer dogs because they find them easier to care for, cat lovers would undoubtedly beg to differ.

Cats are very much able to care for themselves. Just walk along in a neighborhood and the odds that that there would be more stray cats than dogs. Because felines are more adaptable and are able to take care of themselves under these challenging environments. read more


The 7 Primary Chakras Of Energy Centers Within The Body

Everything in the known universe is made up of energy. The difference is the nature of energy, the form of the energy, and it’s state.

This also implies that biological life such as us humans are made up of energy.

One of the most widely studied ancient concepts of energy within the human body is that of the chakras. In Sanskrit, the term “chakra” refers to wheel. This goes a long way to understanding how energy is visualized in these teachings.

In the broader text of this concept, there are 4 main component that consist of: read more


5 Questions To Ask Your Inner Child

Everyone remembers a lot about their childhood. Even if it’s just bits and pieces of it.

There were happy times, sad times, frustrating times, and even very challenging times.

It’s part and parcel of growing up into an adult.

And sometimes, some moments during childhood lodges itself onto our minds and repeat itself visually every now and then.

If you are lucky, these events that keep replaying in your mind are positively charged moments of life. But for many, these can be very uncomfortable or traumatic experiences that affects the decisions they make as adults. read more


5 Ways To Alleviate The Stress Of Spiritual Hypersensitivity

While the gift of heightened spiritual senses is something that should be embraced, it comes with some drawbacks as well.

One of the most challenging aspects of highly spiritual people such as psychic and empaths is hypersensitivity.

This high level of sensitivity is what gives them the ability to sense things that most people can’t. But it can also be a distraught ability that drives themselves crazy.

Surely you have come across some scenes in movies and drama series when the protagonist hold their heads and clamp their ears as if having a major headache. read more